2018’s Worst Airline Passengers

Poor plane etiquette – An Expedia study

Many travelers across the globe experience some form of annoying behavior in a flight especially due to the unique pet peeves that each one of us has. These annoying behaviors make the journey more difficult and less enjoyable.

Expedia’s 2018 results of its Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study has revealed that the top three things most people can’t stand are seat kickers, barefoot passengers and excessively chatty or loud travelers.

Some airline carriers have decreased the amount of leg room to accommodate more seats, hence the habit of constantly kicking and grabbing the other passengers seat has become popular. This habit is however found annoying by more than half of the survey respondents. Actually, seat kickers/bumpers/grabbers were ranked at 51% in the list of worst flight passengers. 62% of the travelers prefer notifying the flight staff about the annoying behaviour as a form of insurance against the same.

Being barefoot during a flight was also found to be a common example of bad flight behavior. Over 90% of the global respondents agreed on the same. The 75% of Americans who keep their shoes and socks on during a flight found this to be particularly true.

According to the research, 69% of Americans prefer sleeping during a flight, while 28% talk to other passengers. This evidently proves that sitting next to a chatty person in a flight is very unfortunate. 77% of Americans seconded this.

Seat position of a passenger is very crucial. Most passengers do not like the middle seat. When in the seat, passengers have few options for getting past the sleeping passenger. 31% said they would politely wake the passenger and request them to get out; 29% said they would climb over them with their back facing them; 15% would also climb over them but this time when facing them; and a very patient 25% would stay in their seat and wait for the person in the aisle seat to wake up. Additionally, 54% of the survey respondents would wake a snoring passenger.

Inattentive parents were also found to be hugely irritating to fellow passengers. Whether the children were crying, whinging or misbehaving, 45% of the respondents agreed that inattentive parents were very annoying passengers on a plane.

Sitting next to a passenger with a low level of hygiene or one who is wearing a strong scented perfume was also found to be disturbing. These aromatic airplane violaters were ranked at 43%.

The worst type of passengers ranked:

  1. The Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber
  2. The Aromatic Passenger
  3. The Inattentive Parent
  4. Personal Space Violators
  5. Audio Insensitive

Full results of Expedia’s study can be found here. 

Luckily it doesn’t happen too often but the next passenger is about as disruptive as can be. The passenger that boards a plane with the wrong ticket requiring the plane to return back to the airport.  Yes, it does happen! Not long ago the BBC news published a story of a passenger who boarded a plane at LAX airport with a ticket for a different airline. The plane turned back four hours into the 11 hours flight.

Some tips on how to be a perfect passenger include the following;

  • When reclining your seat, be very thoughtful and warn the person behind you
  • It is very crucial to respect your seatmate’s personal pace
  • Resist calling on your cell phone when you are still on the plane
  • When its time to exit the plane, allow those seated in a row ahead of you to leave first
  • Always confirm your suitcase name tag to prevent mix-ups

Do you have an experience of really annoying passengers? Let us know below.

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