It’s not all bad – here’s some good news happening in Florida

Shaq to the rescue

Earlier this month basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal came to the aid of a stranded motorist who had their tire blow out on the I-75 in Alachua County.

The big man, having witnessed the crash, showed his class and stayed with the driver until the Police arrived.

The Alachua County Sherrif added dashcam footage of their arrival on scene to their Facebook page, which shows a surprised officer being greeted with a fist bump from Shaq. Continue reading “It’s not all bad – here’s some good news happening in Florida”

How we are dealing with COVID-19

We’re living in unprecedented times and despite air travel demand being at an all time low, we recognize that for those people that do need to fly, driving to the airport and airport parking is essential and a safer alternative than ride share or public transport to the airport right now.

In addition to the safety measures outlined below we are offering:

  • A relaxed cancellation policy. We understand the increased likelihood of cancellations during this time so full refunds will be granted on cancellations at any time before booked check-in time.

Here’s what we are doing to keep customers and our staff safe:

  1. Our shuttles will be readily available 24/7 for transportation to and from the airport. Employees will assist with luggage on request.
  2. We will only be transporting small groups one at a time in our shuttle buses.
  3. Social distancing markers have been added in shuttles and facility lobby. Staff will be respecting social distancing guidelines and we expect customers to do the same.
  4. After each trip to the airport, we will sanitize seats and touchpoints in our shuttle with antimicrobial cleaner.
  5. Customers and staff are required to wear cloth face coverings/masks.
  6. Hand sanitizer is available on shuttles and in the lobby.
  7. We will continue to monitor and adapt our procedures in line with the latest guidance.

Thank you for your attention. The well-being of our customers and staff is our top priority. We welcome any feedback. Stay safe.

Save money on RSW parking


How to Cope with Flying: Tips and Tricks for Rare Flyers

For most of us, flying isn’t a part of day-to-day life. While some people are regular flyers, breezing through the airport with neatly packed suitcases and plenty of frequent flyer miles, that’s not the reality for those of us who rarely fly and still feel all of the confusion, anxiety, and unfamiliarity every time we have to go through the process of flying. But don’t worry – we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to help you handle every step of the flight process, so you can feel more comfortable when you fly.

Read on to find out our top tips on booking cheap flights, figuring out what you can pack, arriving at the airport, getting through airport security, and enjoying the flight itself. Continue reading “How to Cope with Flying: Tips and Tricks for Rare Flyers”

Nov 1st 2018 price increases

Effective November 1st we will be increasing our rates a little. I wanted to write and let you know that as we continue to invest in our parking lot and our staff for the benefit of our customers we find that the small increase is required to maintain the high level of service we want to provide.

I would like to make it clear however that:

– The 7th day of parking  will continue to be FREE

– Pre-paying online gives you a 20% discount over the pay at lot price

– You and others that receive our weekly newsletter can still access discounts of 30% or more

You can avoid the price increase by booking now or before 1st November and lock in today’s rate regardless of your travel date.

Safe travels,

Andrea Davis, General Manager

The Longest Flights In The World (and out of RSW) 2018

The Longest Flights in the World

Although long flights may sound like torture at first, they actually help improve passenger comfort by shortening the amount of time a flight lasts. After all, longer flights mean more time spent in the air and less on stops.

And thanks to the development of ultra long-haul aircraft, such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner, and the use of efficient great circle (often Polar) flight paths, these type of flights will become increasingly common in the future.

That’s why we have listed the longest flights both by distance and duration to give you a clearer picture of how far and fast you can go with a single flight. Keep in mind that these are average times and numbers may vary widely between flights due to weather conditions, wind patterns, ATC holds, etc. Continue reading “The Longest Flights In The World (and out of RSW) 2018”

2018’s Worst Airline Passengers

Poor plane etiquette – An Expedia study

Many travelers across the globe experience some form of annoying behavior in a flight especially due to the unique pet peeves that each one of us has. These annoying behaviors make the journey more difficult and less enjoyable.

Expedia’s 2018 results of its Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study has revealed that the top three things most people can’t stand are seat kickers, barefoot passengers and excessively chatty or loud travelers.

Some airline carriers have decreased the amount of leg room to accommodate more seats, hence the habit of constantly kicking and grabbing the other passengers seat has become popular. This habit is however found annoying by more than half of the survey respondents. Actually, seat kickers/bumpers/grabbers were ranked at 51% in the list of worst flight passengers. 62% of the travelers prefer notifying the flight staff about the annoying behaviour as a form of insurance against the same. Continue reading “2018’s Worst Airline Passengers”