How we are dealing with COVID-19

We’re living in unprecedented times and despite air travel demand being at an all time low, we recognize that for those people that do need to fly, driving to the airport and airport parking is essential and a safer alternative than ride share or public transport to the airport right now.

In addition to the safety measures outlined below we are offering:

  • A relaxed cancellation policy. We understand the increased likelihood of cancellations during this time so full refunds will be granted on cancellations at any time before booked check-in time.

Here’s what we are doing to keep customers and our staff safe:

  1. We are currently only offering self-park. Our shuttles will be readily available 24/7 for transportation to and from the airport. Employees will assist with luggage on request.
  2. We will only be transporting small or individual groups one at a time in our shuttle buses.
  3. Social distancing markers have been added in shuttles and facility lobby. Staff will be respecting social distancing guidelines and we expect customers to do the same.
  4. After each trip to the airport, we will sanitize seats and touchpoints in our shuttle with antimicrobial cleaner.
  5. Customers and staff are required to wear cloth face coverings/masks.
  6. Hand sanitizer is available on shuttles and in the lobby.
  7. We will continue to monitor and adapt our procedures in line with the latest guidance.

Thank you for your attention. The well-being of our customers and staff is our top priority. We welcome any feedback. Stay safe.

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