How Early Should You Arrive at Fort Myers Airport?

Are you flying out of Fort Myers Airport for a vacation or business trip? As with any flight, it’s important to figure out when you should get to the airport. You don’t want to be too early, or you’ll end up hanging around the airport without much to do. However, if you get there too late, you could miss your flight altogether. The information below should help you plan your trip out of Fort Myers Airport so you hit the sweet spot in between rushing and wasting time on the way to your flight.

Check That Your Flight Is On Time

It’s always a good idea to double-check when your flight is going to leave. You never know when a late arrival or a patch of bad weather will delay your departure. Luckily, you can take a quick look at the Fort Myers Airport website to check your departure time. This will give you up-to-date information about your flight so you can accurately plan your arrival at the airport. Here’s another good page for checking RSW departures.

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Calculate Your Travel Time to the Airport

Make sure you figure out how long your trip to the airport will take. You can use Google Maps or similar apps to calculate the travel time at different times of the day. This is extra useful if you’re not familiar with Southwest Florida and its traffic patterns. The airport is approximately a 30-minute drive from Fort Myers but traffic density can change a lot across the day, so make sure you check for your specific travel time.

How Early to Arrive at Fort Myers Airport for Domestic Flights

In line with TSA guidelines, Fort Myers Airport recommends that passengers arrive at least two hours before departure for a domestic flight during peak travel times. However, they also suggest that you check with your airline to plan your pre-flight time.

How Early to Arrive at Fort Myers Airport for International Flights

Again, in line with the TSA, Fort Myers Airport recommends arriving three hours before the departure time for an international flight at peak travel times. They do also recommend checking with your airline to plan your specific pre-flight time.

How Early to Check Your Bags at Fort Myers Airport

If you’re checking bags at Fort Myers Airport, find out the guidelines for your specific airline. In general, international flights will open bag check around four hours pre-flight and close it an hour before departure. For domestic flights, bag check will usually be open from around three hours ahead of your flight until 45 minutes before its departure. Check your airline guidelines and try to arrive earlier rather than later in this timeframe.

How Long Security Takes at Fort Myers Airport

You can use the TSA Wait Times website to check how long the wait for security usually takes at different times of the day. In general, security wait times are between 5 and 20 minutes at Fort Myers. During the high season, the airport recommends that you plan to be in the security line two hours before your flight leaves.

Use this guide to plan your journey, giving yourself a little extra time in case of unexpected circumstances. After all, who knows when you’ll get a flat tire or misplace your passport? Hopefully, this will give you a smooth trip out of Fort Myers Airport. Enjoy!

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