How to judge if you got a good hotel room

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure you want to choose the best hotel for your budget. So how do you know what’s a good hotel? Here are 10 rules to go by when rating a hotel.

A great hotel room

The staff are great

Stay at a good 5-star hotel and one of the things you’ll notice is how damn friendly everyone is! This is the hospitality business after all. This is a courtesy which should apply to any hotel, after all, you are a paying guest and it is their job to accommodate you and make you feel welcome. It’s also good business sense as you are more likely to come back.

Did anyone ask you if you needed anything? Above just being friendly and polite did anyone ask you if they could help you or how your stay was going? That’s good service.

Maybe even someone asked you what your plans were? This will usually be because they are keen to tell you how to get there, what you might enjoy, where’s a good place to eat, or some other insider knowledge that might make your trip better.

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Ask around. Do you know anyone who visited the area or anyone local to the area? We’ve all been to hotels that are stinkers and hotels that were fabulous. Don’t you feel like you could give someone visiting your home town a great idea of where to stay and what to avoid? Someone can do the same for you.

Read online reviews. Many sites like prioritize favorable reviews over the bad ones, whereas Tripadvisor is a very good resource for less biased presentation of reviews.

The location is good

An obvious one but it can make a big difference to the enjoyment of your stay so make sure you picked the right spot. Whether traveling for work or please you probably want to spend as little time as possible in a taxi, Uber or public transportation. All the major hotel booking sites will show the hotels location on a map, make sure you look at it! 

Taking a city break in a major city or tourist destination like New York, London, Sydney or LA? Pick your location wisely as you could be miles away from anything you want to see.

It feels safe

Part of the pleasure of a hotel stay is feeling comfortable to explore the local area on foot. Be sure to read customer reviews on sites like Tripadvisor and to be sure you’re picking a hotel in a nice neighborhood.

The bathroom

You can tell an awful lot about the quality of a hotel and its attention to detail by the state of the bathroom.

Is the caulking still white? Is anything damaged? Are the towels like new? If your bathroom is well maintained and looking great you know the hotel invests in keeping the whole room clean and in great shape.

The toiletries are classy

Every hotel room should have toiletries such as shower gel and shampoo. If it doesn’t that’s a warning sign. Assuming they do; do they look good / high end? Whilst that may seem fickle it tells you that the hotel is willing to spend money on its consumables, which can be a significant overhead.

You got bottled water in your room

It’s a sign that the hotel recognizes it needs to support your basic needs (to drink). If it’s free even better, it’s another sign that the hotel is willing to spend money on you as a guest.

You got coffee

As a coffee drinker and someone who is not a morning person there’s nothing worse than waking up in a hotel room and figuring out how and where you’re going to get your caffeine fix from. If the coffee is actually good, that’s bonus points!

You got wifi instructions (and a connection)

Another bug bear is trying to find the instructions to get on the wifi or even worse finding that the wifi password doesn’t work. It’s the simplest thing in the world to be given instructions when you check-in at the front desk about how to connect but not many hotels do it.

There’s an iron

You have an important meeting to get to and you get up early to iron your shirt. But wait there is no iron! Nightmare. 

A lot of high end hotels don’t offer an iron, instead they may assume the guests will use the laundry service. Sometimes an iron is available on request. The ability to wear clothes that have been living in a suitcase for a while shouldn’t be a complicated business. An iron in your room should be mandatory.

How do you judge a great hotel? Let us know…

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